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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Second year

His brain increases twice in sizes.It will never develop in lives also quickly more.Therefore positive emotions are so vital to children.Second year not less problem, than the first On the second year of life when DD is installed, it is possible to start training the child in selfchecking function which the frontal lobe and carries out.In other words, in the first year we learn to love, on the second year we learn how to behave.Process is carried out thus: the sudden or frightening event loud noise, a frown face reports an epitalamusa: Carefully, danger!

Actions have

You tap it on a chin, from it his mouth clattering thus with teeth opens and closed.Take both hands of the child for wrists and make them any actions which will come to your mind.Tell thus the child, that he is the toy boy girl.Actions have to be the surely heteronymic.That is if one hand of the child you hands synchronous identical actions or tries predu to gadyvat the further movements and to continue to make them already independently.Then tell it that the toy person after all not knows that it will do at the next moment therefore has to completely to trust the puppeteer.

Such in a way, you recognize

As often as possible tell to the children the truth and be are frank because finally they will be to trust you.I consider that so you the best in a way will be able to protect them.If child of a sprashiv et, whether the thief can get into the house, we can tell that it is improbable because you locked a door on the lock are also quite sure that such it is impossible.Such in a way, you recognize that everything is possible, but veroit nost of it small.Peter Wilson, children's psychotherapist, director of the charitable organization Be afraid of the sneers at fears.

Put subjects

Distinction of the only thing and plural sushchestvi telny.Put subjects of one look before the child: one subject separately and at some distance from it a little same before met for example, pencils.Ask it: Where pencil?, then Where pencils?, allocating with voice of the termination of nouns.If the child badly understands the speech, it is necessary to check a state him physical hearing.For this purpose with it it is necessary to carry out the special audiometric research.

There this

It sounds funny, but wise man in questions of protection of piety of the girl, her mental force, nevertheless, so advises.And actually it is a serious wide subject, and I can advise to address to lectures of doctor Torsunov Harmony secrets in a family.There this information in detail is also deeply stated.Questions and answers Question: Whether correctly I understand, what four types of children are most often shown not in pure form, and, as a rule, in the mixed?How in that case to select combinations of educational ways?

Sasha came

It even not could eat the apple taken with itself from the house.Sasha came forward and got up on a rug.Two jump on the left foot, Chiktrak!and: I want that at Petya passed tooth.And at the very same time all heard happy Petin laughter.Thanks, Sasha!he exclaimed.Let's go we will divide in half my apple.At this moment of children called to the dining room, and game in miracles finish las to big about to the teacher's legcheniye.

The adult

The adult who is bringing up the child has to manage to establish borders, to show to the child feedback that that could practice internal ability to constrain impulses and requirements.If the adult does not provide the loving and strong relationship and will not express desire to be rather firm in the meeting situation, then the child will continue to follow the impulses, and we will receive the threeyearold and fouryearold madcap who beats, offends, takes away, steals, lies and does not obey!It is aggression and disobedience and there is that appeared a problem of children, too early and for too long time sent to a day nursery.

Posmo rub on a situation

Prick up ears, that not to pass the moment when the child wants to talk, about show responsiveness and, whenever possible, listen to him.For this purpose it is necessary to pay to the child all the attention.Posmo rub on a situation his eyes.If you tried to share chemto important with the person who would be occupied at this time business spoke by phone, prepared, lectured a dog, about forces of other child to put on a coat to you, probably, display the elk that he does not listen to you.

If on the last, explain

Sometimes children protest against rules or ignore them, on the skolk to them does not like their essence, sometimes because they them under forgot, and sometimes because did not understand the rule up to the end.Find out, on what of the abovementioned reasons it prois goes.If on the last, explain everything again.If is not present, simply repeat: You know that we leave a ball in dvo re.Verbose and intricate explanations will hardly be are listened.Try to do so that governed and restrictions was not it is too much.

We always

As soon as I decided to leave, I understood that arrived correctly.I at once calmed down.I did not know how I will support a family in the financial plan.We always had two salaries.We began to live absolutely in a different way.We refused the car and began to shop in a different way.It appeared absolutely simply.Now we did not spend money for clothes for work, for a drycleaner, transport, lunches, croissants and coffee, and all this there was rather big share of our budget.


There is one more small secret though this secret concerns adults more, it is already big secret of big children.Anything in behavior of the child so does not irritate us, and it, in general, naturally, even it is logical, as those emotions which ourselves load into it.That is those emotions which mother avoids very much when tries to behave decently, without showing the anger, indignation or grief.The child starts showing these emotions simply because for him the principle of suppression is unreal, it is as if deadly.


Reaction of parents depends on how and in what situation the child decides them to use.Parents are obliged to explain to the child that most of people schitayut That the child grew the happy certain words or gestures offensive, but thus pozvo lyat to itself indulgently to treat small offenses.Laughter with friends over indecent words or parts bodies absolutely healthy stage of development, and the majority vzros the ly are remembered, with what ecstasy they shared with friends new curses.But the situation that your child in kakoyto the moment is possible about iznest chtoto such that will sound offensive for you or will offend others.

Then the child

In that so far the child will play for time the hissing sound, tell it, that it covered a mouth arranged the top cutters over lower.Almost fullfledged sound will be heard sh.Snake hissing has to lays down one palm more hotly a wide stream.Then the child has to hiss at once as a snake.Lips have to to be in wide, opening the top and lower cutters, a smile.During long pronouncing a sound sh big and average fingers of a hand press the child's cheeks about corners of his mouth so, that lips acted loudhailer forward.

Perhaps, from

Think that your child likes to do and than you could whether to be engaged together when feed the baby that it is old did not feel shiya that he is pushed away.Perhaps, it will be the special book at which you look, special video or favourite dish.As it is possible adhere to the former mode and a priva more accurately check.Perhaps, from your point of view absolutely reasonably on to melt that the child was wiped itself because at you zanya you hands, but the child can feel that him reject.Spend time, let short, together without novorozhden foot that you could listen to the child that he pochuv stvovat that it special that love it and that he knew, that it is irreplaceable.

You can point

They came running to it to learn that the pas it is written and when learned, ran back to clean toys We learn to interact Now you know five skills which help to interact with children and do not leave a place for bad feelings.If your children now at school, sleep or some by miracle silently play, then you have a chance to spend not how many minutes on practice.You can point yours skills on hypothetical children, so far yours sobstven the ny will not appear suddenly.Exercise You come into a bedroom and see that yours just the bathed child threw a wet towel to you on a bed.


Nominative feet separately, hands in the parties.To make turns to the right and to the left, hands for a back.Nominative to become facing a chair, the left foot on a chair, hands on a belt.To bend the foot standing on a chair to become straight breath any.To repeat exercise from the right foot.Nominative feet separately, hands on a belt.To make jumps on a place, feet separately, then jumps on a place, feet skrestno.COMPLEX Walking on a place.Highly to raise knees.

The prevention

The prevention at children defective pronunciation of sounds First of all it is necessary to eliminate the main reasons at the child formations of the wrong pronunciation: to improve at it mobility of speech bodies; to correct speech hearing; to stretch a language bridle.Ways of correction of these shortcomings see on page , , Pozha luysta, pay attention to the special instructions relating to to work with children of younger age.Along with it it is necessary to eliminate also the additional reasons formations of the wrong pronunciation: to teach the child to operate muscles of the body; to correct at it a speech exhalation; to train a voice.

Or child

To cope with it it is possible, having only made out a situation in a germ, that on opportunities to stop its development.Or child will tell that it does not intend to suffer it Do not dare me to beat more, or he right there will call adults, a cat the ry will respond on its request.Sometimes, if to the child it under force, selfdefense can put it an end too.Mary MacLeod, director of strategy and to researches, The children's line Offenses are difficult and long resolved, and harm, which they on carry to children's selfconfidence and a selfassessment, remains The growing independence even more long so it is necessary to be ready to rendering reben ku essential emotional support.

Whether lie, they

It should not be hasty survey or excursion accompanied by the employee of educational institution: Look at these tiny toilet bowls.Whether lie, they very nice?You need hour, and even it is more than time that to plunge into a situation and to examine everything without hurrying.It is better to come at first to one, and then, having asked on that permission, to come once again with the second parent, but in other day and to other time.Purpose: it is possibly to receive a better understanding how your child will spend ten hours in day in such place.

It limits

And so far dispute goes round what screen images, pain can make impact on children necks a problem is that carried out before televizo time prevented them chtoto to make rum.To watch too much TV it antisotsialno.It limits to the child of possibility of socialization, free to a vra mya, time for physical exercises also gives the very limited view of pleasure from life.Lack of contact with others people, the strengthened increase in time for televiewing, was it is called the main reason for obvious growth of cases shy move niya of people in general and teenagers in particular since the beginning kh years.

What are not beaten. The most

I catch

There are situations, in which our determination is subjected to test.We can or return to edifications and punishment, or to a drawing board.For example: Parent.I am disappointed that our approach does not work any more.I catch myself that I do How to speak that children listened.for you your work, it is unpleasant to me.Let's give hundred to rum to the plan one more chance?Perhaps we will talk about that, what prevents it to realize?Or we will think up another decision?

Here we eat apples

Chickens did not go.Both hands to execute the fingertype game Cockerel see fig..WE PUT THE GARDEN IN THE SPRING We put a garden in the spring, Both hands to execute the fingertype game Tree see fig..And Semyon lay at ridges.To put palms under a cheek.Here we eat apples to bring to a mouth apple two fists put together and to click teeth, And we will not give to Semyon.To threaten with a forefinger.Idlers it is not necessary to us here To wave with hands before a breast here and there.

I would not begin

Having carried out Feeding and battles broad research of schools in vicinities of Birmingham, we about broke much more than the underfed children, than thick.I would not begin to mention the word diet of years to at all!tyam diets are not necessary at all, it is better to increase their physical loadings.If it seems to you that the child grew stout, are possible two ways: all family can pass to skim milk or to reduce consumption of fats, if the child rather big is more senior than five or to think up family sports about to gram when all go to walk, ride bicycles, do charging.

It not understands

The first is a dependence.Most brightly it is possible to rassmotkret it on the example of the child who comes to this world in a full condition of helplessness.He does not see forms of this world, cannot accurately perceive them.It not understands language of this world, people who surround it.It cannot freely move, peremeshchatksya on this world because its musculoskeletal system, speaking to science language, is insufficiently strong.It is not capable to support itself the existence, is not capable to support itselfhimself.

Such children

Instead of having a healthy selfassessment, selfrespect, these children feel that they do not hold out.They desperately make efforts to become perfect to please the parents, but they cannot achieve in it success for that simple reason that nobody perfect and cannot become such.Such children can behave well, but it actually often occurs at the expense of very low selfassessment, due to falling of a selfassessment of the child.Negative emotions which show or are endured by parents, often are the reason of that the child does not hold out to the standards set by them, does not meet their expectations, nezaviksimo how often they say that love the child.

Here joins: Well, it small! Well, what

Why on a visit when it starts doing once again attempts to carry away expensive mobile phone of the owner in a bathroom and to provekrit it on water tightness instead of, so to speak, enjoying secular politeness, to continue conversation, not to rise and not to give it in exchange other toy?It is not accepted.Here joins: Well, it small!Well, what such?Let does that wants.Purity one more compound which disappears.The Veda claim that quality of purity is mainly connected with control of sexual desire.

I Even if you clasp

Reflect on it next time when be twisted at type of a dirty diaper, will burst out laughing in the company of friends or will shudder at the sight of a dog your positive and an otritsa telny reactions are for the child one of most ef fictitious ways to develop the attitude towards itself and to the world.I Even if you clasp the tired baby in arms, and is hungry go treat with cookies, both of them will demand more, poskol ku their real requirement in a dream or food is not satisfied.Only having received necessary, they will cease to demand.

For the numbers

On shooters there are numbers.For everyone beads of the first core of any chain there is a small arrow.For the numbers corresponding to the ends of cores chains, there are wider shooters.For the numbers corresponding to the ends of chains are available even more wide shooters.Cards for each chain are fastened by a rubber ring.Shooters for a chain of beads are described below.Direct purpose: to construct linear numbers.To consider numbers, passing some of them by a certain rule the rhythmic numbers.

Often, having

It does them by the cruel N misinterpreting idea of life.Often, having learned some ideas from the Vedic writing, for example, about need of following to a day regimen, repetitions of names of God, need of others the practician, etc., we impose this knowledge to children, expecting that if it is clear to us and we like to practice it, it especially is natural to children.We consider that with them something not so when they refuse to follow it.If the child, say, after six evenings does himself sandwiches or very late goes to bed, long sits at the computer, or does not get up in the morning when it is required, we fall upon it the whole hail of reproaches, squall of quotes and lectures from the Vedic writing on a day regimen, by rules of food, on spiritual practice.

We had an opportunity

We are very glad to that it is published yub leyny edition.We had an opportunity it seems to flow with you our current reflections and responses which we received so many years: pis to mother, questions, stories, guesses of others give rise tel.We hope that among it you will find add telny information which will help you to celebrate sya with the most important task in the world.Adel Faber, Elaine Mazlish Letters It is always very joyful to receive responses from a chitata pour, but the most pleasant letters in what people tell how they applied the principles As go to cook.

I am a prizna

It is excessive to say that St.Petersburg hesitated also feeling shaft of it is awkward.He tried to get rid of carrying Conclusion bandages every day, and at me the patience already burst.He complained that he because of it is hurt by the head that he sees worse, than earlier, and that to him is sick.I am a prizna shaft of its feeling and at the same time firmly stood on svo I eat, but its relation did not improve.At last in five or six days I broke.I told it: Listen, St.

To store

At ty too there are valuable things, and it is quite fair to give them the special status, explaining rules and to brothers and sisters, and druz holes This blanket its most special thing, and nobody can to take it without the permission.To store these things unknown to Wad Dra the gy the easiest way to avoid disputes, in particular, when children very small and it is impossible to expect from them that they are ponies ruled Mali.With preschool children and more senior children often helps a pra bringing arguing a certain element of a choice therefore at a vl the businessman of a subject is asked, but do not select this subject.

In order

It has to densely to fit a figure.In order that it is interesting to organize occupations, the vspomogatel is necessary¬ ny stock: a gymnastic hoops from plastic; b rubber rubber ring; c floating toys depending on age; d a board from polyfoam; e flippers and mask.All course of occupations Consists of gradually becoming complicated tasks, which can be acquired both during one occupation, and in those¬ cheniye of several.Everything depends on age and abilities of the child.

Useless statement: Skillful

The used skill: Situation of.You found out that recently your child does not brush teeth.Useless statement: Skillful reaction: The used skill: I remember own experience, when I the first experimented time with these skills.I was is so adjusted to use this new approach in the to family that, having come home from a seminar and having stumbled in a hall about rollers of my daughter, I tenderly told it: Rollers have to lie in a case.I thought that I at height.When it it is indifferent looked at me and continued to read the book, I struck it.

If anybody

The child has to feel wholly the resistance to the restrictions imposed by life because his own consciousness so grows.He more feels the situation, the influence.If anybody did not convince us that to test negative emotions badly, we are capable to understand that their spontaneous, not limited, not controlled manifestation deprives of us heat, love in the relations with close people.The correct exit of emotions deepens need for love of parents in the child As we already spoke, one of the main reasons of unwillingness to cooperate, that we call the child's nepokslushaniye, is congestion negativkny emotions and inability to get rid of them.

It is always

Praise not of a scha it is thawed if to use it only to sweeten to the critic.It is always very easy to finish on a good note, praising the child for chtoto that it can do.Therefore if at it it will not turn out to read one the word, make sure that you finished on the word, That the child grew the happy which he knows, and tell: Here, it is good.It is necessary to finish always chemto positive.Nicholas Thaker, teacher of the subject Culture and Society I looked, how the teacher of my daughter the analysis rovala with it the spelling test, and it was surprisingly.

There can be also

Hysterics, and only vy That the child grew schastliv can judge, whether it will help your child to consult with is teriky.There can be also other moments when, you like it or not, it will be necessary for your child that he was held from reasons of its own safety or safety others.It is the main form of protection and the essential parent Skye duty.After the conflict The child met your desire.What's next?As soon as the situation was discharged, you need to develop pu ti avoidance of the similar conflicts in the future see Effek tivny strategy of disciplining.

Mary MacLeod, director

It is necessary to experience what it to be the child in its environment.Mary MacLeod, director of strategy and researches, Nursery It is necessary to be aware of that occurs in the child's life.It is much easier to know when are necessary to the child support or intervention of you, if communication between va mi it is adjusted and the child is rather selfassured, that at to be used to know in problems or mistakes see.Communication and Work with feelings.You have to have idea that it takes place in school with whom is on friendly terms as pass changes that they eat for lunch.

The exhalation

to the right to the left at the moment when the left right hand begins a fungus, and right left finishes it.The swimmer turns the head for a breath in that party, in which to it it is more convenient to make it.After a breath the head together with a humeral belt on it vorachivatsya in a starting position.The exhalation in water is carried out the equal gradually through a mouth and a nose during a grebk of the left right hand.The movements of hands and feet both in a crawl on a breast, and in a crawl on a back are made in the coordinated rhythmical combination.

Yours to Osh shcheniye

Yours to Osh shcheniye of correctness of own actions not less important, than the knowledge that so has to be.Parents should not allow, that return on work, to the professional sphere, and concern on changed this occasion their feelings so, that they became unreceptive to the signals going from reben .Magic decisions do not happen and if yours serdtse That the child grew the happy feels that chtoto it is wrong and the kid is not happy, it is necessary to leave as soon as possible, did not expand konf yet likt.

It horror

It arrived so, and not the first month, but I could not recognize it, in particular before other mothers.Mel M.Parents worry concerning behavior of the children, but in pain shinstvo of cases this behavior is absolutely normal.It horror but, but it is normal.Most of children pass a stage at which they are deception howl, beat other children, bite, various subjects are enough also roll up hysterics.It occurs for that simple reason, that they are not able to behave yet differently.

It is mutual

In business it is necessary to tell still that each of parents, mother or the father, authorizes to operate children of the second of spouses.It is mutual process.Each of spouses, especially if in a family is heterosexual children, authorizes another to bring up the child of the floor, that is, the father the care and respect for the wife authorizes her to bring up the daughter, and words and manuals of mother that become more authoritative and more powerful for the daughter, than with great respect, care the husband treats it.

For oditeley

The matter is that these children most of all need communication with the developed talented people, and if oy are surrounded by people of other type, not so utonchenkny, t do not receive feed necessary for them.For oditeley the best and bright manifestation of love to such child would be to help to embody to it the dream, to grow him talent, to show art sposobknost, constantly hearing encouragement and a praise from adults.Even if parents are not people of art, and they have no contacts in this environment, they can arrange holidays, small children's concerts, exhibitions of the house of a lda at school.

And the child

When we will wash the head: tonight or tomorrow morning?such question, most likely, will delay washing the heads for one day, but, at least, at you will be dogovo rennost about that it happens.And the child will be I will come prezhden in advance.At deeper level possibility of a choice helps to children to realize consequences of the actions and a samostoyatel but to define an outcome of events.It is both important, if you want that they grew up selfsufficient and distsipl nirovannymi.

For example, look

Uniliver.Report on the UK Family.For example, look at work: D.Elkind.The Hurried Child: growing up too fast too soon.Da Capo Press, New York, The number of the Swedish children in a day nursery was reduced with to when the paid holiday on care of children was entered.Helen Wilkinson.Time Out: cost and benefits of paid parental leave.Demos, London, Inner world of a day nursery To Roberts.An adult approach to childcare//Guardian.October, Fiona Steel: To improve a day nursery, we have to improve conditions for tutors//Guardian.

If in a foster

If so occurs, adopted children mature with bo To Lea a wide network of support and with abilities which will be at to carry them advantage during all life.If in a foster home there were good relations, children learn to make a compromise so, how How to consult when it is difficult they would never learn in an own family.As a result they are able to agree and understand, what to receive desirable it is possible not always fully, and thus all will be happy, therefore such children not will begin to chase the impossible.

Each of them

Old wise ox the shebnik burst out laughing, tenderly stroked Also said Artur on the head: Know, my little friend that the miracle made for Wad Dra gy, does not come to an end.Illustrations: Giya Basilaya Two Cooks Yigal Reznik ilibyl in one guo sort two of the remarkable cooks: Varik and Zharik.Each of them held the resto wounds.Once they met, and Varik told Zharik: Listen, we with you perfectly prepare.On for that to us not to prepare chtonibud together?


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